We always want to be healthy in any moment of our live and even more during a journey. Immunization is one of the most important protection against severe infectious diseases.

DOCTOR 3D can offer you within the Epidemiology – Immunization medicine cabinet the following services:

counseling and support for preventing some diseases specific to travels in far away areas (food security guide, anti malaria chemoprophylaxis etc.). The type of medication, the doses, the interval for administration, possible contraindications and side effects shall be discussed with the doctor of the center. On the occasion of the visit to our center you shall receive advice for other vaccinations recommended according to the specific of the area, advice for hygienic-dietetic diet and general measures for preventing the illnesses during your travel.

Immunization and risk management

vaccination for preventing the yellow fever and issuance of the International Vaccination Certificate (required for travels in countries from South America and South Africa)

extra vaccinations recommended for travelers: for hepatitis, typhoid fever, meningococcal meningitis, tetanus etc. Prescription of prophylactic treatment for malaria according to the provisions of World Heath Organization

if you plan to travel in another country, mainly an exotic country, you should speak with your doctor at least 6 weeks before leaving – this way you have time to do the necessary vaccinations which may be required, to procure the medication and to do a medical insurance. According to the region where you travel, the physician can make certain recommendations as there are areas with special medical issues.

The best method for avoiding any type of medical problem is to plan everything from time.

All these services are available to any tourist by a simple call appointment.